Aim & Objectives

The Aim & Objectives for which the society is established shall be as under -

  1. To implement 20 point programmes of Government of India and besides this any other programmes in consistent with the aim and object of society as following - Attack on rural povery, streategy for rain fed agriculture, better use of irrigation water, bigger harvest, enforcement of land reforms, special programmes for rural labour, clean drinking water, health for all, Two child norms, expansion of education, justice to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, equality for women, new opportunities for youth, housing for the people, improvement of slums, new streategy for forestry, protection of the environment, concern for the consumer and right to information, energy for the villages, a response administration.

  2. To provide communication with the govt. bodies and active social groups spread all over the country.

  3. To undertake, organize, establish, promote, set up maintain assist, support and facilitate study courses, workshops, conferences, internships and other similar activities on furtherance of the objectives of the society.

  4. To provide plan, undertake, implement, run assist help, co-ordinate and run projects/schemes to other NGOs/institutions as per the rules and regulations of Govt. of India.

  5. To provide necessary information about different schemes implemented by various states, central, UN and bilateral agencies.

  6. To create source poolof experts, practitioners of national level in different sectors.

  7. To act in future as a rating agency for NGOs in the country and to provide accrediation on standard and scientific basis.

  8. To propagation of democratic and secular culture.

  9. To undertaking development activities for the welfare of the villagers.

  10. To uplifting scientific and social status of the members.

  11. To devotedly work for the overall development of the nation.

  12. To organize and conduct events shows exhibitions etc with special emphasis on organizational, cultural and artistic development.

  13. To establish, run, maintain, assist, finance, support or help the common public through various community development activities by SHG’s.

  14. To borrow loans from public sector or private financial institutions and banks for the implementation of Micro finance, Micro enterprises programme through the SHGs and ILGs.

  15. To collect notices, notifications, policies, information’s form the Govt., semi Govt. and other national / international agencies and provides the same to the other NGOs, members of the society and the general public.

  16. To coordinate the activities of NGOs working in different sectors, so as to converge experience, expertise and best practice of each NGO for the common cause of national development.

  17. To start and market a family health insurances scheme in association with public/private sector companies to help the middle-income group of the society.

  18. To start join liability groups when and where necessary for the implementation of the Micro finance project.

  19. To plan, design, inspire, sensitize, train and enable people’s empowerment and their direct participation in developmental planning, policy decisions and executions.

  20. To promote, enhance catalyses participation of civil society organization and Panchayat Raj institution in sustainable development by means of capacity building, training, networking and sharing of resources.

  21. To maintain, run manage or take over any existing charitable educational social developmental and /or cultural institutions / bodies with which the objectives of the society may be identical wholly or partially or may prove instrumental in furtherance of objective of the society.

  22. To assist unemployed members to obtain work and to afford relief to those who may in financial strains at the discretion of the Governing Body.

  23. To provide education to the general public, the poor, needy widow,ham capped, orphans, destitute mentally retired persons, poor students form weaker communities etc, as per rules and regulations of Govt. of India, and to arrange, establish and look -- after Nursery / Primary / Secondary / Senior Secondary / college / Polytechnic / Management Educational Institute / Computer Science & Engineering Institutes / Teachers Training & Specialized Studies & Research Institute etc. and to get recommendation from concerned Boards or Councils or U.G.C. etc.

  24. To provide financial assistance to girls and boys who are under privilege, for their higher studies in India and abroad.

  25. To establish / manage / administer hostel(s) and such other facilities for students and for those preparing for job competitions / taking coaching for competitive examinations.

  26. To provided further that no person / student shall be denied admission to the school / institute on the ground of religion, race, caste, language or any of them.

  27. To start various kinds of training courses like Teachers Training, Nurses Training and non Technical Course, Laboratory Assistant, Hospital Education Center cum clinics, Maternity Homes, Child Care Centers and such other Institutions (after getting the permission and or affiliation form the competent authority / authorities, if it is required) for the solution of problem of unemployment amongst the young generation use of general public.

  28. To carry out research and training in education to enhance the quality and method of teaching and to establish, carry on training institutions forthe benefit of the community and to equip and manage such institutions.

  29. To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities of Awareness Programs, Adult Education Classes, Lectures, Cultural Programs and Seminars.

  30. To establish counseling centers for families, youngsters, criminals, addict suppressed person and HIV/ AIDS victims to live a normal and happy life.

  31. To promote moral and ethical values by establishing training centers, conducting conventions, seminars and conferences and appointing suitable competent teachers and workers and inviting teachers and other resource personnel to carry on education of interested persons.

  32. To establish,found and maintain library / loges / mess / recreation centers / hostels / reading rooms for the educational intuitions run by the society for the benefit of the entire community, irrespective caste, creed, race or rerigion, indifferent towns / villages / metros.

  33. To enter into contracts with the concerned authorities like MCD, NDMC, Delhi Education Department and such other Government / private agencies for the mid - day meals programmes of school children or orphans / old aged people etc.

  34. To make arrangement for mobile emergency van / ambulance for the victims of road accidents, provide help to patients to shift them to nearby hospitals also to provide assistance to the old people for the emergency.

  35. To draw up plans for all round development or the people of tribal areas. Scavengers and Harijans and their implementation.

  36. To work for all round development of women, children and uneducated general people, poor people, widows, handicapped, dump and deaf, mentally challenged and socially backward people and to make best efforts for protection, provision, promotion and advancement of helpless persons.

  37. To educate the people about various family planning methods for birth control and benefits associated with it and to organize health care camps free of cost and to get implemented population control programmes of Central / State Govt. Organization of camps, seminars, gatherings and adopting other teaching skills on management and preservation of a pollution free environment.

  38. To do the work of slums clearance, viz. lmprovement of roads, drains, parks, lanes, by-lanes, riverbanks and make arrangement for rehabilitation of the weaker sections of the society and to do all kinds or work connected with slum clearance.

  39. To construct and get constructed, install and maintain Bio-Gas production system (bio-gas digester etc.) and conversion, distribution, utilization system on the on profits on loss basis.

  40. To work with the help and assistance to police and other Government agencies in the direction to suppress and discourage any sort of corruption in India society.

  41. To enter into any arrangements with nay Government or any Government bodies or local authorities which includes municipalities, panchayat, administration and any other co-operative bodies that may be deemed beneficial to any of the society's objects and to apply for promote and obtain any subsidies, loans, indemnities, grants, contracts, rights, privileges concessions, licenses, immunities or authorizations form such government or authority local or otherwise or enabling the society to carry out any ofits objectives into effect or for extending any of the powers of the society and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, privilege, concession, licenses and authorizations.

  42. To establish and implement such human welfare schemes as decided by the executive - committee consistent, with the Society registration Act, 1860. And to perform all such acts as be necessary for the achievement and accomplishment of the above mentioned aims and object and allied social activities and services and establish contact with the organizations having similar objectives.

  43. To print and publish any newspapers, periodicals, books or leaflets that the association may think desirable for the promotion of the objects of the association status with the approval of concerned authorities.

  44. To give provide and / or render monetary and or other help and assistance for the relief of person and animals affected by natural and other calamities such as flood, fire, famine, cyclone, earth quake, storm, accident, pestilence, droughts, epidemic, unbearable cost of living and the like, the give donation subscription or institutions, establishments, centers or persons doing relief work on such occation.

  45. To strengthen and accelerate the process of national development and public welfare units special focus on social, financial and educational improvement of the society.

  46. To arrange common place for meeting of the members of the society for the purposes of common discussions of common problems and encouragement of thrift, advancement of welfare ideas, mutual assistance, production of the interest of the members of the society.

  47. To set up offices anywhere in India with the complete of staff, premises and equipment deemed appropriate, with recompense and funding for the same, and the same to be changed, shifted , amended, expanded , or new branches opened as may be determined from time to time.

  48. To organize sponsor, support conferences, seminars, meets, workshops, exhibitions, fairs, rallies, training camps, contests, convections etc as may be useful or proper for achieving the society's objectives.

  49. To participate and get implemented Govt. and non-governmental electrification programmes for the welfare of the public.

  50. To do effect to cheek pollution, to make aware public about environment protection programmes of Govt. specially to make efforts for plantations as per Govt. guidelines.

  51. To provide information and education I useful knowledge and the media advise to general public regarding the vices of the society (like drugs , cigarette/ biri smoking , alcohol ) through holding awareness camps for de addiction and also start I organize the lectures by expert team of doctors , journalists and other learned persons.

  52. To make best efforts to remove social evils form the society such dowry demand, early marriage, drug addiction and untouchability, etc.

  53. To apply for appropriate registrations under the Income Tax Act, 1961, and to invest and deal with funds and money of the society in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act , 1961.

  54. To apply for appropriate registrations under the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act, 1976.

  55. To receive financial and non - financial assistans from Government/semi govt. NGOs, Banks Companies International Bodies throug FCRA and other entity or individual for attaining the aims & objectives of the society.

  56. To co-operate, and assist with other foundations, societies trusts, govt. agencies / depts. and international organizations and use their good offices for furthering the objects of the society and serve the community at large.

  57. To appoint committees and sub-committees as deemed fit to carry out the objectives of the society and to set out guidelines from time to time for the proper functioning of such committees.

  58. To personal commitment for the well being, peace and prayerful life, knowledge of the personality development , meditation , reconciliation and restoration of life with daily guidance for the betterment of the society.

  59. To removes social evils from the society and to contribute in upbringing of the underprivileged people through our community development programs.

  60. To provide and establish the cottage-industries for the income generation purposes of the poor and helpless peoples of rural.